Information Technology Tools Evaluation Commission

It was established in 2014. The purpose of this commission is to determine the needs of information technology materials that will be used in education (in lectures, researches, academic studies, laboratories, etc.), to determine whether it is appropriate in terms of budgetary purposes or not, and to do a preliminarily study for materials decided to be purchased.


Commission of Electronic Document Management System

It was set up in 2014 to determine the needs before the purchase of EDMS, to establish institutional administrative infrastructure, to decide system components and to work in other administrative-financial processes.


Commission for Issuing Management Directive for IP Security Cameras

It was established in 2014. The purpose of this commission is the institutionalisation of the system and to prepare an directive to identify the responsibilities of our units. The commission, established under the General Secretariat, carries out its duties with the staff from Legal Consultancy Department, Department of Construction and Technical Affairs, Department of Administrative and Financial Affairs and Department of Information Technologies.


Commission of Laptop Computers Needs Assessment

It was established in 2013 so as to determine the needs of laptop computers to be purchased for the academic staff and to decide upon their technical features and to clarify the type of these computers. As a result of the meetings, two types of computers were decided to be purchased and the purchasing processes were executed and completed by the Department of Information Technologies (DIT).